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Staying Safe

Safemates are all about having fun in a safe environment. Safe doesn’t have to mean that you can’t do things. You just have to think about how to do these. People with learning difficulties/disabilities and autism accept that they are more vulnerable, but this should not stop them having fun.

Follow these guidelines and everything should go smoothly.

    • Never arrange to meet with another member without letting Safemates know.


    • Don’t give anyone your number (including mobiles) on your first meeting. Safemates will support you to meet up again. You can swap numbers later if you feel comfortable. If unsure ask the Safemates coordinator.


    • Don’t give personal information on a first meeting such as your address for home or work or family details especially if you are a parent.


    • Always allow Safemates to support you on your first dates/meetings with other members.


    • Always tell a carer, friend or family member where you are going and what you are doing. They can always ring the office 01926 940319 for more information.


    • Always make sure that you have a safe way of getting home and you have organised the appropriate transport. Safemates will help you do this.


    • Always arrange to meet people in public areas and know your escape routes in case of fire. On your first meeting Safemates will support you and show you how to do this.


    • We will try and make your first one to one date in the daytime or early evening. Safemates will support you whatever you want to do but it’s easier to get home in the day if there are any problems.


    • Make sure if you have a mobile phone you have it charged up and with some credit. Try and keep £1 in coins on you to make a public phone call. Remember in an emergency 999 is free but don’t use this service unless it is an emergency you can also call 101 for a less urgent response.


    • If anyone intimidates you, harasses you or makes you feel uncomfortable please inform project staff or ask an advocate or care provider to tell us.


    • You aren’t expected to pay for anything you don’t want to pay for. Safemates asks that on the first 3 dates with members you both share the expenses and split bills. Safemates will help you organise a meeting that is within your budget.


    •  If you don’t like someone, tell them in a nice way and be clear. We can support you with this.


Please contact us for further information on our safety policy and safety guidelines.